What is the deposit required to reserve my date?

A non-refundable deposit of 25% of your contract price is due upon signing to reserve the farm.

What if my date changes?

If you are still at least 180 days from your date and the new date is available, then your full deposit will carry forward with the new date. If you are within 180 days of your event, and your new date is available, you will lose 50% of the payments towards your event and will have to repay this amount. If you cancel your event at least 180 days out, your initial deposit is forfeited.

Are there any additional fees?

Outside of our rental fees, we do charge cleaning fees. In addition to the venue rental fee and cleaning fees, the only things we require that would cost additional money are:

  1. Event Insurance. This can be purchased through your insurance provider or we would be happy to recommend a local vendor. To understand why event insurance is important, check out this helpful information from Allstate.
  2. A wedding coordinator. This person ensures the wedding runs smoothly and on schedule. They coordinate with vendors an ensure the bridal party has nothing to worry about on their big day! They typically cost $900-$2,000 for day or month of help, and we would be happy to recommend some of our favorites!
  3. ABC Permit. If you are planning to serve liquor, we require an ABC permit is obtained for the event. If you're planning to serve only beer and wine, this is not necessary.

Do you set up and clean up for events?

Yes. Your wedding coordinator must send a diagram of your desired room set-up at least 7 days in advance. We will break down everything after your rental period ends, which is included in the cleaning fee. You are responsible for removing all your personal belongings and for bagging and removing all of your trash from the Barn. Place bagged trash outside the kitchen and we will dispose of the trash for you. Major spills and messes should be cleaned up before you leave.

Do you charge a cleaning fee?

Yes, we have a mandatory cleaning fee of $250 for the Barn and $125 for the Farmhouse. This is for the breaking down and cleaning of tables, mopping the floors, cleaning bathrooms, laundry at the house, etc.

Why do I need a wedding coordinator?

Our event bookings require one person be designated as the coordinator who is the only point person besides the client who Oakland Farm will be communicating with regarding your event. This helps takes the burden off your shoulders on the day of your wedding because they handle making sure everything is perfect on on time for your big day!

What are your rules about decor and grand exits?

At the end of the night, you are responsible for returning the space to how you found it. Please select decor that allows you quickly breakdown your event. Candles must be in a vase or votive. Only command hooks are allowed for hanging decor; please do not put any holes in our beautiful walls or your security deposit will not be refunded. We also allow sparklers for your grand exit - just remember to bring a bucket of sand to ensure they're safely put out!

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Yes. The client must apply for a limited special occasion permit (we can provide additional information about this for your rental) or contract with a caterer to supply proper permitting and insurance. Client is also required to obtain appropriate Event Insurance for the day of the event.

What if it rains?

The Pavilion is under cover and the Barn is large, but you should always be prepared with a plan B since mother nature is unpredictable. We are happy to discuss options with you, such as tent rental. The walkway from the Pavilion to the Barn is not currently covered.

How many people can stay at the farmhouse?

There is a maximum occupancy of 10 people spending the night.

Do you provide linens?

We do not provide tablecloths for the Barn, but we will stock the barn with toilet paper, paper towels, hand napkins and industrial size trash bags.. We provide sheets and towels for the Farmhouse (two towels and washcloths per person), as well as paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, hand napkins).

Are animals allowed in the Farmhouse, Barn or Pavilion?

You are not allowed to bring your pets to Oakland Farm. Pets are not allowed in the barn or Farmhouse. If you are interested in including your pet in your ceremony, please contact the Venue Manager for additional information.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas, NOT in the Barn, Farmhouse, or Pavilion areas.

How Late can my event last?

Your rental period (for nightly rentals) ends at midnight, but Chatham County ordinances require that all amplified music must end by 11:00 PM. Oakland requires that your event, even for a two night rental, end at midnight.

Can I pet, play with or ride the farm animals?

No. Our horses are friendly and will often come to the fence to say hello. Please stay outside the fence.

Have additional questions that aren’t covered here? Fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll have someone contact you to help!